4 Wellness Visits Per Month

     $10 Per Additional Wellness Visit 

    $20 Off For 2nd Adult In Same Household

     No Contract – Cancel Anytime

     Credit Card Auto Draft Required 



    4 Wellness Visits Per Month

    $10 Per Additional Wellness Visit

    $10 Off For Add’l Child In Same Household

    No Contract – Cancel Anytime

    Credit Card Auto Draft Required 




  Single Wellness Visit                  $39

  6 Wellness Visits                          $179

  10 Wellness Visits                        $249

  20 Wellness Visits                        $399    

                             Visits never expire. 

INITIAL VISIT:    Only $79

The initial visit includes:
    ► Review of your medical & chiropractic history
    ► Comprehensive wellness evaluation & analysis
    ► Wellness chiropractic adjustment*

*Patients with acute, chronic or injury related issues may not be eligible for wellness chiropractic care or adjustment during the initial visit. We do provide acute, chronic and injury care and are happy to recommend a care plan based on your needs.

Auto Accident | Injury Care

Accidents resulting in spine or neck injuries can result in lifelong discomfort or pain if not properly diagnosed and treated.  Dr. Carson has extensive experience working with patients, attorneys and insurance companies to make sure that the patient’s long term needs and care are the primary focus.

Wellness Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is proven to be a primary contributing factor for proper health and wellness. Routine, ongoing chiropractic care promotes a stronger, healthier and more centered lifestyle.

Acute | Chronic Care

For acute or chronic care needs, Dr. Carson takes the time to learn about his patient’s medical and chiropractic history and works with the patient to implement a care plan that works to provide the right treatment and care while being mindful of time and budget constraints.

Dr. Joel M. Carson, DC

The driving force for Dr. Carson’s career in chiropractic came at the young age of 24, when he was injured in some sporting accidents. A chiropractor, offering an alternative to surgery, helped him overcome spine and nerve injury and educated him on maintaining his health. The positive experience changed Dr. Carson’s life forever. Giving him an opportunity to fulfill his life’s mission to help people! Dr. Carson received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Logan School of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO in 2006.  


When your situation requires more than just a wellness plan, let the professionals at Carolina Chiro Club work with you to create an action plan of care that will address your immediate and ongoing critical care needs.

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PLEASE NOTE: Carolina Chiro Club does not accept insurance for services rendered. Services and prices reflected on this website are based on direct payment from patient via cash or credit card. Service is not available to individuals on Medicare or any other government funded insurance plan.