Dr. Joel M. Carson

The driving force for Dr. Carson’s career in chiropractic came at the young age of 24, when he was injured in some sporting accidents. A chiropractor, offering an alternative to surgery, helped him overcome spine and nerve injury and educated him on maintaining his health. The positive experience changed Dr. Carson’s life forever. Giving him an opportunity to fulfill his life’s mission to help people!

After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Carson worked as a chiropractor for some of the busiest clinics in the Midwest, carrying licensure at that time in Indiana, Missouri, Illinois and now South Carolina. He has learned from the best in the field to create wellness in the community. Dr. Carson took great care in the design of the office striving to create an energizing, healing environment and incorporating the latest wellness life style into the community. Since that time, the practice has catered to all individuals seeking optimal health and wellness although families and children are a primary focus.

Dr. Carson was one of the leading health and wellness advocates and educators in Indianapolis. He now is looking forward to creating health and wellness in his new home in South Carolina. His belief that the strength of a community depends on the health of its residents spurs his contribution of countless hours to the education and promotion of health and wellness. Through daily care and public events, hundreds of area residents are educated annually on the healing power of the body and overall benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Carson appreciates the friendly community environment that Conway and the surrounding areas offer its residents. Dr. Carson is honored to help improve the quality of life and the well being of the community that has welcomed him like family and now calls home!

In addition to our Monthly Wellness Plans, we offer personalized wellness plans and chiropractic services for patients in every category of need, including those patients who are injured due to an accident, patients that require therapeutic care or patients with chronic issues. Carolina Chiro Club practitioners provide an integrative approach in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal disease without the use of drugs or surgery, priding itself with a very high non-surgical success rate.